Mianne Bagger

Professional Golf

So, there's a good chance you've landed here based on the issue of diversity in sport. Or maybe just here out of curiosity? As the site is, at the moment, I'm sorry to disappoint, but there's not a whole lot to see here anymore.

In short...

In 2004, the world came to know me as a budding golfer who challenged the golfing world with regard to diversity in sport. As a transitioned woman I embarked on a journey of education and awareness, and my long-held desire to compete in the professional golf ranks. The journey resulted in me, rightly or wrongly, having rules of eligibility changed so I could compete on professional golf tours.  My efforts had impact on tours around the world, including; Sweden, Europe (Ladies European Tour - LET), UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

After competing on a mini-tour in Sweden in 2004, I gained a tour card for the Ladies European Tour (LET) later that year and competed in my first season on the LET in 2005. This paved the path for my ensuing touring career throughout Europe and Australia which lasted around 11 years.

I would love to say that my touring career was a huge success with multiple tournament wins and a high world ranking, but... that wasn't the case. During my time on tour, I had '0' tournament wins and I'm sure my 'world ranking' was so far down the list that it didn't even appear. Regardless of that, I view my own life and journey as a success by the numerous personal achievements, the people I've met, the experiences I've had, and the gratitude I feel.

'Success' can mean so many things.

Today (in 2021) I enjoy what could be called a 'minimalist nomadic life' and enjoy the opportunities and experiences I continue to have. While I did try teaching golf at a club in Spain for a few months, I didn't feel as engaged in it as I should have been, and felt that my service to people that came for lessons, to be a little disingenuous. I ended that endeavour and have been seeking new directions in life ever since.

I have now added a few more abilities to my repertoire of skills which includes, believe it or not, web development!  (rather hilarious really, when you consider this website! LOL). I think my own website can be likened to the proverbial "mechanics car" ie. it's often the worst maintained while keeping other people's cars in tip top shape :)