Mianne Bagger


My Story in Short

In 2004, the world came to know me as a golfer who entered the women's professional golfing world as the first "openly transitioned woman" to compete professionally. Since then it's been both an amazing, privileged and tumultuous journey with a topic that has now up-ended the world, largely shrouded in ideology and chronic abuse of children. This [in my view] needs to stop. (more on that later).

As a transsexual woman I embarked on a journey of, what was at the time, education and awareness on an issue not very well understood, as well as my long-held desire to compete in the professional golf ranks. The journey, after being invited and welcomed into years of amateur golf in Australia, resulted in me, rightly or wrongly, having rules of eligibility changed in the professional ranks which enabled me to compete of various professional 'tours'.  My efforts had impact on tours around the world.

After competing on a mini-tour in Sweden in 2004, I gained a tour card for the Ladies European Tour (LET) later that year and competed in my first season on the LET in 2005. This paved the path for my ensuing touring career throughout Europe and Australia which lasted around 11 years.

The details of my journey into women's golf are best told through this podcast interview with Cyd Zeigler for 'Five Rings to Rule Them All'

I would love to say that my touring career was a huge [golfing] success with multiple tournament wins and a high world ranking, but that wasn't the case. During my time on tour, I had '0' tournament wins and I'm sure my 'world ranking' was so far down the list that it didn't even appear. However, 'Success' can mean so many things.

Today (in 2023) I'm living a minimalistic and nomadic life, gaining new experiences and abilities and have more frequently added my voice in the support of women and girls sport in the face of relentless and abusive ideology with regard to sex and gender 'diversity'.

Professional Golf

There's a good chance you've landed here based recent media attention or podcast interviews? My touring golf career came to and end in 2015 and for the most part today I'm getting on with life, but I'm not going to sit by the sidelines and watch the further distruction of women and girls sport and gradual removal of rights for women in everyday society. 

I get contacted occassionally for media appearances with my most recent appearance on the SBS Insight program in Australia (April 2022). This can more easily be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STX1GCxYEIc&t=0s