Life is an amazing journey. If we’re lucky enough [to be living in the ‘1st world’], it’s a journey of learning, exploring, love, nurturing, opportunity, and hopefully there’ll be some room for self discovery too.

The older we get, the more we learn and the wiser we get, and, ironically enough, the more we also come to realise how much we don’t know. (I mean, have you seen how huge our universe is for example!!! Youtube (3:33) ..and Carl Sagans “Pale Blue Dot” Youtube (5:34) brings perspective to our lives on this planet). Our lives are a constant journey and while it can’t be daunting at times, it brings amazing experiences all the same.

While we all have our own unique challenges to overcome, I chose to address mine in a more open manner. It helped me work through difficult times in life, but it also helped to educate others on issues they were previously unfamiliar with. In my own experiences I’ve found that the people who have survived and are thriving after great adversity, are the most interesting people to get to know. It appears that if we’re forced through a period of living introspectively, we come through the other end with a greater awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

It’s easy to become self consumed and lose our way and that’s where our families and friends become so crucial. I’m lucky to have a family that been there for me and I know my life has served as a beacon for many others around the world.

For many of us, asking for help is one of the most difficult things to do, so when we have the capacity to somehow help ourselves, we’re lucky to live in this connected and social media world where there are countless resources to make use of.

Life is an amazing journey. If we are privileged enough, we get the opportunity to engage in a journey of self discovery and growth while challenge ourselves and maybe even the world around us as well.

That’s how [a part of] the world came to know me… by me challenging the mostly conservative sphere of professional golf and by me making my life public in the hope of engaging in awareness and education on issues of human diversity.

While the days of being a touring golfer are over for me now, I added to the pavings of progress as a woman who challenges ideological definitions and social stereotypes. Human diversity exists and it’s merely a natural part of life amongst the human race.

My actions and achievements in sport are a small voice in the larger framework of so many more people around the world that also add their voices. It is both a stand against marginalisation of minorities of people and an act of creating awareness and inclusion.

Living a life of adversity is generally very character building which helps build resilience to personal obstacles, as well as encouraging a need to develop a positive mindset and methods for overcoming challenges. For me this also went hand in hand with professional golf in the way that tournament golf is as much a journey against self, as it is against the rest of the field. Much of what I loved and learned during touring life, can also be applied to personal aspects of everyday living.

Over the years, many of my friends have come to enjoy the various methods, resources, websites and articles that I share or direct them to, so I’ve decided to start a personal project to make this information available via my website. I don’t know as yet what direction this project might take, but it’s time for find out. I hope some of you may get something out of it too.